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Everything you need to relive every moment!

- 9 Hours of Coverage

- 2 Videographers

- Digital Download

- Drone Footage

- Additional lighting for Reception

- Multiple camera angles

- Professional Audio Equipment

- Highlight Film: 6 - 12 minute cut, color edited, set to legally licensed music

- Sneak Peek Reel: posted within 1 week of wedding

- Ceremony Film: Full Ceremony Multiple Camera angles and original audio

- Toasts Film: Multiple Camera angles and original audio

- First Dances Film: Multiple Camera angles and original audio

- Behind the Scenes Film: A documentary style compilation film of All the funniest, sweetest, and sometimes blooper "behind the scenes" moments for your eyes only! Never posted to social media.

Video Messages Film: Have your family and friends leave you a Video Message. This is our FAVORITE thing!! 

- Mini Film: A 90 second IG and FB Reel, a condensed version of your Highlight Film, set in vertical format, set to the song of your choice

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Behind the Lingo

Highlight Film

Your Highlight's Film is a Cinematic film of THE most beautiful, funniest, sweetest, important moments from your wedding. We watch HOURS of footage from your wedding day and edit it for a perfect display of all the Highlights from your wedding day! This film is cut, color edited, stabilized and set to legally licensed music (so you can post to any social media platform without the music getting flagged).

Sneak Peek 

An Instagram and Facebook Reel of your wedding, Posted in Vertical format, posted within 1 week of your wedding. Song chosen by videographer.

Ceremony Film

A multi-camera angled view of your ceremony. We use lavalier microphones for the officiant and the groom (ceremony only). Footage will be cut, color edited and stabilized. Length of Ceremony Edit varies on duration of Ceremony. Original audio from ceremony.

Toasts Film

Hear the laughs, see the tears, and feel the happy vibes all over again. Length of video varies on duration of speakers. *If no toasts are given, this will not be included*

First Dances Film

Full length edited of every dance! ALL the First dance combinations! Bride Groom, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Bride/grandpa/, Bride/Mother, ect..!

Behind the Scenes Film

Want to see EVERY little moment through out your wedding day? Hear real jokes, laughter, and great dancing moments. Film will have original color and audio. Most Behind the Scenes are between 15 - 30 minutes of laughter and sweet moments. Blooper moments go here too! LOL.

Video Messages Film

Have your friends and family, new spouse, grandparents, mothers, fathers, bridesmaids and groomsmen leave you a video message! Best wishes and words of advice can be seen and heard from love ones for YEARS to come!

*THIS IS OUR FAVORITE THING! *We wish we could have had this at our wedding. So many people have passed away and we would do ANYTHING to have heard their voices on the happiest day of our lives*

Mini Film

A 90 second Instagram and Facebook Reel, a condensed version of your Highlights Film, in vertical format, set to the music OF YOUR CHOICE!!

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A Cinematic film of the BEST moments from your wedding day. The Highlights Film is color-edited, stabilized, and set to legally licensed music. Voice-over from Love Notes, Personal Vows, and/ or Officiant can be intertwined into film. Drone Footage included! 

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Chapman Highlight Film
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Maree Highlight Film
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Fletcher Wedding
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Clements Wedding
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The entire ceremony from start to finish. Every moment, every word. Enjoy the "I do" moment all over again and watch your first kiss over and over again! Footage will be cut, color edited and stabilized. Length of the Full Ceremony Edit varies on duration of Ceremony.

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