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How It All Began

Creative.  Compassionate. Caring.

In 2020 everyone we knew, was getting married. We went to wedding after wedding and NONE of them had a videographer! We LOVED the joy captured with videography; HEARING the beautiful words, and SEEING the hilarious dance moves! Candice asked one of her friends getting married, if there was anything she needed help with her wedding, and she replied she would LOVE to have her wedding filmed, but truly regretted not hiring a videographer. Candice whipped out her DSLR camera and bought a few extra things for her wedding, filmed it and absolutely LOVED IT!! When it was posted and got a few thousand views on social media, we quickly realized we had a calling and this was the start of something wonderful and new. From going to working in the Emergency Center (for 8.5 years) on the worst day of peoples lives, to filming a wedding on THE BEST DAY of peoples lives! We prayed about it and took the leap! Now, 3 years later and the help of Frank, we've filmed close to 100 weddings together. This has been the most rewarding experience! We couldn't have imagined where we would be today, but THANKS to our friends, family, and ALL of our past Brides and Grooms we've been able to make this dream a reality!!

Candice and Frank

Get to Know Us!


Who is Fire and Moon Videography?

Candice and Frank Reis are Greenville, SC natives. They love spending time with family & friends, eating and drinking at local food festivals, going camping, playing with their kids, and filming weddings together.

They were married at Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek ( Greenville, SC ) in May of 2013. They have 3 children: Ember Katherine, Luna Grace (whom Fire and Moon Videography is named after) and Stone Franklin (who came after the business was named)! They have a Corgi named Thor and a cat named Oreo. They reside in Moore, SC a small but growing town, located halfway between Greenville and Spartanburg, SC.

Frank is an avid video gamer and works in IT. Candice is a full-time owner/videographer/editor for Fire and Moon Videography.

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